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NL Little Theatre presents "The Odd Couple"
October 17, 2013

Unger and Madison are at it again! Florence Unger and Olive Madison, that is, in Neil Simon's hilarious contemporary comic classic: the female version of The Odd Couple. Instead of the poker party that begins the original male version, Ms. Madison has invited the girls over for an evening of Trivial Pursuit.  When uptight Florence needs a place to stay, easygoing Olive takes her in… but can this mismatched pair of friends survive being roommates? Find out in the hilarious stage performance presented by the Northern Lehigh Little Theatre!

Directed by Mr. Nicholas Sander, Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple stars Lydia DeLong as Olive Madison and Alexis Middaugh in the part of Florence Unger.  In supporting roles, Brie Williams, Taylor Duplaga, Sandra Moran, and Victoria Oquendo provide additional comedic relief as the ladies’ close-knit circle of friends. Replacing the Pidgeon sisters from the original male version are the Spanish-speaking Costazuela brothers, aptly portrayed by Jacob Heintzelman and Gavin Fricker.

Students Hayden Falenwolfe, Tyler Hoffman, and Marissa Ruth, under the advisement of publicity director Andrew Kern, designed poster artwork, title treatment, and additional materials. A photoshoot was held for the eight actors involved in the show, which resulted in hundreds of high-resolution digital images of each character in various poses and expressions. The publicity team determined the best picture to showcase the lead and supporting players and composited the images together using Adobe Photoshop CS6. The colorful keyart was later utilized on all posters, advertisements, DVD packaging, and desktop wallpapers in order to help promote the show.

Kernie Cam Productions and NL Studios also teamed to produce a behind-the-scenes featurette for The Odd Couple. Produced in 1080p High Definition, the 3-minute overview includes interviews with leads Lydia Delong and Alexis Middaugh, the supporting cast, and director Nick Sander, intercut with exclusive footage from early rehearsals. Using Adobe AfterEffects CS5, Kernie Cam Productions designed and animated the various motion graphics used in the promo as well as inserting colorful backdrops behind the green-screen interview footage.

Click here to view the poster for The Odd Couple: Female Edition.

Click here to view the behind-the-scenes promo video for The Odd Couple: Female Edition.