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New Website for Northern Lehigh School District Launched
August 18, 2013

Having previously revamped the websites for Northern Lehigh High School and the neighboring Northern Lehigh Middle School, Kernie Cam Productions recently took over design, programming, and maintenance duties on the website for the entire Northern Lehigh School District. The public school district, which is located in rural Slatington, Pennsylvania, is comprised of four academic buildings and currently serves nearly two thousand students from grades Kindergarten through 12. The school's bulldog mascot was also a major feature of Kernie Cam's 2010 logo design, which has since gone on to become a prominent icon for the district as a whole.

In early June 2013, Northern Lehigh administration asked Kernie Cam to perform an overhaul of the district homepage, updating its design and bringing it closer in line with the aforementioned high school and middle school websites. Using the existing site designs as a framework, the new maintained the same basic layout and programming structure but attempted to evoke a more polished, professional, and academic tone than its predecessors.

"The high school and middle school sites were a bit more vibrant and colorful because of the nature of their target audience," explained site developer Andrew Kern. "The district website needed to feel a bit more collegiate in terms of its design so that it adequately reflected the administrative side of the school."

The challenge for Kern was to create a site that effectively balanced a pleasing aesthetic with the necessary informational content. "Being that Northern Lehigh is a public school, there is a large amount of content that is legally required to be posted for the public," says Kern. "The trick is to take this information, which can sometimes be rather dry and verbose, and package it within a site that is visually appealing and easy to navigate." In addition, he hopes that the site will give new visitors a strong first impression of the district and enhance its reputation with those already familiar with the school.

A graduate of Northern Lehigh in 2000, Kern is proud to work for the district as a high school technology teacher and is honored to be given the opportunity to create the new website for his alma mater. "Every time I see Northern Lehigh using something that I designed, I think about how cyclical a process it has been," Kern muses. "I can do what I do today because of the amazing teachers that I had here at NL. I suppose it's my way of giving a little something back."

Click here to check out the new website for the Northern Lehigh School District.